Published on: February 25, 2019 10:10 am
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Microbiology testing in pharmaceutical development and manufacture is used for environmental monitoring, sterility testing and detection and identification of microorganisms and the applicable regulations for this work are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Currently, data integrity is a major issue in the pharmaceutical industry and citations from FDA warning letters for microbiology laboratories can be classified as:
  • Failure to perform actual testing
  • Falsification of data e.g. reporting failed tests as passes or modifying records

The reasons are that microbiological testing is often manual and data often relies on observation that can be manipulated, often without photographs of the plates.

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Tips for successfully integrating a Data Integrity approach in microbiology:

  • Data Integrity shouldn’t be looked at it in an isolated way. Follow the data during the whole process
  • Compliancy with ALCOA
  • Integrate audit trails, multiple user ID levels, automated reports and connectivity
  • When choosing a partner, ensure your IT team communicates with your partners’ IT team when implementing new traceability solutions like connectivity, remote access etc.