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From cutting-edge diagnostic instruments to data and process management, everything we do revolves around bettering our customers’ businesses through the power of diagnostics.

About Us

With 50 years of experience in more than 150 countries through 41 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors, you can be rest assured to be in safe hands with bioMérieux.

bioMérieux Industry is a specific business unit of bioMérieux with dedicated R&D, marketing, and commercial resources. Developing and Producing the largest range of microbial control solutions (reagents, instruments, software and services), bioMérieux Industry provides answers from sample preparation to final identification and typing of microorganisms.


bioMérieux industry serves with its dedicated teams five main customer types :
- Food /Water
- BioPharmaceutical
- Cosmetic / Personal Care
- Advanced therapy / Blood banks
- Veterinary diagnostics laboratories

bioMérieux is determined to continue to play a pioneering role by innovating and designing the diagnostics of the future to address the major challenges for public health worldwide.

Food Safety Solutions

As consumers become more health-concerned, they expect food and beverage manufacturers to deliver wholesome foods, and in the era of social media, you can no longer risk your brands and reputation. Your testing needs span from process control to verification of your food safety and quality programs - bioMérieux can help you achieve your goals. As a leading provider of rapid and traditional microbiological solutions, we fulfill our mission of contributing to public health by helping you ensure consumers receive high-quality and safe food products. Are you ready to partner with bioMérieux to improve consumer's confidence and protect your brands?

Dairy & Beverage Safety Solutions

With so many points of potential contamination in dairy and beverage production, quality control is paramount. Your customers' safety – and your company’s reputation – depend on knowing your product is free of pathogens and spoilage organisms. bioMerieux’s microbiology testing solutions offer a rapid, streamlined workflow Read more

Poultry Safety Solutions

Pathogen reduction protocols are a critical part of poultry production. They’re also a potential bottleneck in the manufacturing process. Maintaining an effective HACCP system while keeping productivity levels high requires accurate, automated, and precise microbial testing methods. Microbiology testing solutions from bioMérieux offer a rapid, streamlined workflow that maximizes your Read more

Beef Safety Solutions

When it comes to raw beef and other products with a short shelf life, testing time is almost as important as accuracy. While reliable methods are essential for preventing the presence of pathogens, testing delays can lead to wasted product and lost profits. With a complete range of industry-leading diagnostic solutions, bioMérieux helps protect Read more

Processed Foods Safety Solutions

In a competitive global food market, manufacturers face increasing challenges to ensure product safety and quality while improving operational efficiency. Quality-control systems must effectively test for contamination in raw materials, packaging, and production environments, as well as in-process and final products. With a comprehensive offering of Read more


When it comes to pharmaceutical and biotech products which consumers depend on for their health and well-being, the need for consumer trust cannot be overemphasized. bioMérieux offers a range of integrated solutions to ensure efficient and reproducible quality standards checking both microbial activities and general product condition for optimum storage. If we certify your product, it can pass any test.

Traditional Sterile Pharma Solutions

We know the power of diagnostics. Together, let’s unlock the hidden value of your lab . As a manufacturer of sterile drug products, safety, efficiency, compliance, and traceability are not only part of your daily lexicon—they’re central components of your mission. With a comprehensive portfolio of diagnostic solutions, bioMérieux, Inc. helps streamline workflows, boost productivity Read more

BioProduction Solutions

Rapid answers from in-process controls confirm your production process is operating as designed—efficiently confirming product quality. The production of biologic-based pharmaceuticals is long and complex. Rapid answers from in-process controls confirm your production process is operating as designed—efficiently confirming product quality. With the most comprehensive portfolio of microbiology solutions for bioproduction, bioMérieux, Inc. helps protect your customers, Read more

Non-Sterile Pharma and Personal care

Consumers take safety for granted, but a lot goes into ensuring the safety of your products. Rapid, reliable microbiology methods not only help ensure product safety, they can help you bring your products to market faster—for both R&D and existing products. With automated, streamlined workflows delivering rapid, reliable Read more

Blood Banks

bioMérieux is dedicated to helping blood banks improve the level of blood supply safety with unique and innovative solutions, which include reagents, instrumentation and software.

Our range of reagents and software has been specifically designed and FDA cleared to address blood bank needs and therefore contribute significantly to improving laboratory workflow and increasing the safety of blood products.

Bacterial Quality Control

bioMérieux’s bacterial quality control screening products consists of all the system components required to perform bacterial platelet quality control for transfusion-transmitted contaminants in your blood bank. This includes the necessary reagents, automation and Read more

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